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Easy Diet Recipes: Tips and Benefits of Easy Diet

Monday Nov 29, 2010

Today, weight gain has become a major problem for maximum number of people around the world. Rather, I can say, it has become the biggest enemy for them, which they are not able to get rid of. This is the reason why, you will find every next person running after Easy Diet Recipes for cutting down on their food intake to lose some pounds of weight.

With the help of Easy Diet, the tough job of reducing weight becomes quite possible. Hence, it is considered a healthy diet plan, which offers you required nutrition and vitamins without increasing calories in your body.

Easy diet seems to be an easy task to achieve but it is not. Hence, you must take help of easy diet tips, which include –

  • Eat more fruit, vegetables and Drink more water
  • Make your diet mainly from fruit, vegetables and fibre rich foods like bread and pasta.
  • If possible, avoid using dairy products like skimmed milk, low fat cheese, cottage cheese and yoghurt.
  • Start taking tea and coffee with skimmed milk and no sugar.
  • Try to consume small portion of the full fat version
  • Avoid large, heavy meals last at night.
  • When in restaurants, avoid fried foods and rich sauces; just eat lower fat food.
  • Don’t use butter on bread, potatoes etc or if want then go for very little quantity.

These easy diet tips are very effective and slowly but certainly help you achieving your task of burning calories.
Apart from the easy diet tips, you can also take help from Easy Diet Recipes, the easy diet recipes are often make you avoid heavy meal and offers foods which are high in nutrition. Therefore, people in large number prefer easy diet recipes and make their lives happy and very importantly healthy.

I know some of the best quick and easy diet recipes that will surly make your diet routine fresh and quite healthy. One of which is Apple Jelly recipe -

The Apple Jelly Recipe – This is an easy diet recipe, which makes perfect match of taste and nutrition. This is in fact an amazing delight, made of a very few ingredients, which include -

  • 2 env unflavored gelatin
  • 2 c. unsweetened apple juice
  • Artificial sweetener to taste
  • 2 tbsp. lemon juice
  • Yellow food coloring

With the help of these ingredients you can easily prepare delicious Apple Jelly. The procedure for making it is –

  • Purify 2 half-pint jars by covering with water and boiling for 15 minutes. Soften gelatin in 1 cup apple juice.
  • Boil the other cup of apple juice.
  • Remove from heat.
  • Add juice with softened gelatin.
  • Add lemon juice.
  • Bring to full boil and cook about 2 minutes.
  • Remove from heat and add food coloring and sweetener to taste.
  • Pour into sterile half-pint jars, seal, and cool.
  • Store in refrigerator.
  • Makes 2 half-pints.

There many other types of great easy diet recipes available that you can collect from internet or some popular cook book and make your every day special, healthy and yes tension free.

Top Fast Food Facts

Monday Nov 29, 2010

The fast food is one of the most popular substitutes for eating in all over the world. And as the time has passed, elders and kids alike have become crazy after fast food and wish to have varieties it as regular food in their day today life. The reason behind its huge popularity is that it is very quick, convenient and often quite inexpensive.

Sometimes, a question may arise in your mind that why fast-food is so cheap? The answer is, almost all fast-food dishes are made of cheaper ingredients such as refined grains, high fat meat and added sugar, fats rather than nutritious foods like fresh fruits, lean meats and vegetables. Therefore some negative effects of consuming have been found which include –

  • The fast food is a very high energy density food and it is considered that the high energy density food confuses the brain’s control systems for appetite.
  • The fast food may increase the people’s risk of clogged arteries that usually leads to heart attacks.
  • Gains the weight, hence maximum number of people are getting victim of overweight
  • Cause numerous diseases like – High cholesterol , High blood pressure , Heart disease, Breast Cancer , Colon cancer , Gout, Arthritis, Asthma, Diabetes and Strokes
  • Make obesity reach epidemic proportions chiefly in kids.

These are few negative effects that usually reflect on normal people’s life. Still, there is no stop in the rapid growth of fast food’s popularity. If study, you will find every month above 70% or more number of people including kids visit fast food chains in the world. This is just one site of coin that people often point but many don’t know that although, it is not a healthy meal due to much calories, fats and cholesterol, having it occasionally is ok.

On the other hand, keeping good health of people there many renewed fast food restaurants have now started working on quality and make sure that their fast food delights relish their customers without any harm.

Lets see some of the best and renowned fast food restaurants chains of the world, where you will never be fooled and get both the amazing taste and the highest satisfaction. Those big names are –

Subway – world’s number one fast food chain that has beaten all other competitors in terms of sales in the market.

McDonald’s – world’s second most famous fast food chain that gives a tough competition to subway every year with its diversified food products.

Pizza Hut - 3rd most famous fast food chain of the world that has emerged with a lot of delicious flavors of pizzas and hold a large network of its branches all over the globe.

Starbucks - fourth most famous fast food chain of the world that manages to gather a lot of revenues from its sales every year.

KFC – 5th most famous fast food chain of the world, which is chiefly popular for its special type of fried chicken.

It is not essential that you have to visit only these places, otherwise you can not relish fast food. What you can do is that when you visit a fast food restaurant, just take care of few things related to the preparation of the food they offer.